ABB has selected the best and most reliable products on the market, manufactured by Multi-Contact. entrelec MC4-Evo2 PV connectors are the latest generation of MC4 PV connectors. ABB proposes a complete range of connectors including plug connectors, panel receptacles and branch connectors. Main benefits include Ensure connections of the DC circuits from combiner boxes to PV modules (in series or in parallel) and from string inverters to combiner boxes; Easily and quickly installed with adapted tools in unrestricted access locations; Long-term secured connection thanks to proven contact technology and integrated lock clip & Extensive environmental testing and worldwide certifications. Main features include From 4 to 10 mm² connecting capacity; Highest voltage levels of the market: up to 1500 V DC (IEC) and 1500 V DC (UL); High current levels: up to 70 A & Common accessories and tools between MC4 ranges.