PLC Wiring System

ABB Interfast pre-wiring system for PLC's offers flexible, user-friendly and competitive wiring thanks to pre-assembled cables and interface modules. Main benefits include Save up to 98% on wiring time; Ease assembling and servicing on wiring with plug & play function; Saved space up to 50% in cabinets using compact or ultra-compact modules; Elimination of wiring mistakes thanks to pre-tested cables & Reduction of the engineering development time thanks to pre-made configurations and drawings. Main features include Compatible with seven PLC's manufacturers and more than 600 I/0's cards; Interfast MS: Modular System based on terminal blocks assemblies technology; Interfast PCB: standard or compact modules based on entrelec Printed Circuit Board technology; Functions : feed-through, disconnect, fuse, multi-level from 1 to 4 levels, relays, optocouplers & Standard cable length from 1 to 5 meters. Specific lengths on request.