Measuring/Monitoring Relay

No matter what measuring or monitoring function is needed, physical or electrical, we can protect your equipment and ensure smooth processes. ABB’s relays are designed to not only detect overloads, but also temperature, liquid and other potentially damaging fluctuations. Choose among a large range of products to ensure reliable protection, save cost and avoid unplanned downtime of your processes and equipment. High quality products built and tested to ensure uninterrupted monitoring no matter what environment you operate in. Main benefits include Safe and reliable monitoring of your application; Engineering time savings & Selection time reduction. Main features include Wide range of different products from Single- and Three-phase Monitors to Grid Feeding Monitoring Relays a variety of application is covered; Economic variants (CM-E range); Sophisticated variants (CM-S and CM-N range) & Easy Connect Technology with push-in terminals.

ABB Grid Feeding Monitoring Relays Distributors
Grid Feeding

ABB’s CM-UFD range are multi-functional grid feeding monitoring relays, installed between the renewable energy system and the public grid. They detect unusual events in the public power grid and automatically disconnect and reconnect the renewable power plant. Different monitoring functions such as 10-minutes average value, real time over- and undervoltage as well as over- and underfrequency are configurable via the front face display. Versions with a Modbus RTU communication interface are available as well. Main benefits include Safe and reliable monitoring of all important grid parameters; High on grid times increase your revenues & Latest approvals supports your installation complies to your local grid feeding standard. Main features include Modbus RTU interface enables remote visualization and storage of process data as well as remote tripping; Easy to configure due to backlit LCD display; LOM (Loss of mains) protection, e.g. ROCOF and Vector shift detection; Monitoring of voltage and frequency in single- and three-phase mains; Error memory for up to 99 entries (incl. cause of error, measured value, relative timestamp) & Password protection.

ABB Insulation Monitoring Relays Distributors

The insulation monitoring relays of ABB CM-IWx range guarantee a continuous insulation monitoring of an IT system. The devices recognize insulation faults as they develop and trip immediately if the value has fallen below the minimum set threshold. This ensures a reliable operation of the system and prevents operational interruption caused by a second, more severe, insulation fault which may lead to a short circuit tripping the main circuit breaker. Main benefits include Continuous operation; Down-time reduction by providing early pre-warnings. Gaining time for maintenance planning; Monitoring of voltage free networks for early fault detection; Variants with rail & ship approvals; Safety and Protection; Safe and reliable detection of insulation faults according latest standards; Attractive portfolio for standard as well as more challenging applications; Can prevent fire due to fast and reliable earth fault detection; Built-in self-diagnosis and interrupted wire detection; Easy to Install; Clear visualization of device status via LEDs; Easy to adjust with rotary wheels & Variants with push-in terminals. Main features include Monitoring of system voltages up to 1500 V DC and 1100 V AC; Monitoring of system leakage capacitances up to 3000 µF; All kind of systems can be monitored: 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire as well as battery systems; Interrupted wire detection configurable & Non-volatile fault storage configurable.

ABB Liquid Level Monitoring Relays Distributors
Liquid Level

ABB's liquid level monitoring relays are used for regulation and control of liquid levels and ratios of mixtures of conductive fluids. The assortment includes single function and multifunctional devices which can be used for overflow, dry-running protection of pumps, filling and draining applications as well as max. and min. level alarm. A range of accessories like different electrodes complete the offer. Main benefits include Latest approvals for reliable and worldwide use; High EMC immunity due to advanced measurement technology leads to reliability in harsh conditions; Easy to adjust via front side potentiometer; Easy to install with Easy Connect Technology & Toolfree mounting and demounting. Main features include Wide range power supplies like 24-240 V AC/DC; Adjustable sensitivity of the measuring system; Adjustable response sensitivity & Compact housing, 22.5 mm (0.89 in) wide.

ABB Motor Load Monitoring Relays Distributors
Motor Load

ABB motor load monitoring relay monitors the load states of single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors. Compared with other conventional measuring principles (e.g. pressure transducers, current measurement), the cos ϕ monitoring is a more precise and economical alternative. It measures the voltage of all three phases, the current of one phase and calculates the phase angle (cos ϕ) between them to evaluate the status of the motor. Main benefits include Down time reduction; Easy commissioning & Easy maintenance. Main features include Under- and overload monitoring cos ϕ in one unit; Adjustable start-up delay 0.3-30 s; Direct measurement of currents up to 20 A; Adjustable response time delay 0.2-2 s; Single-phase or three-phase monitoring & 2 x 1 c/o contact, closed-circuit principle.

ABB Single Phase Monitoring Relays Distributors
Single Phase

For the monitoring of currents and voltages in single-phase AC/DC systems, ABB’s CM range contains a wide selection of powerful and compact devices all in an only 22.5 mm wide housing. This product range includes current and voltage monitoring relays for over- and undercurrent protection, over- and undervoltage protection and phase loss monitoring - from 3 mA to 15 A and from 3 V to 600 V. Incorporating ABB’s long-term experience the CM range provides highest safety and reliability for your electric installation. Main benefits include Safe and reliable voltage and current monitoring; Easy Connect Technology widthstands highest vibrations & Easy to adjust via front face potentiometer. Main features include Over-/undercurrent monitoring; Over-/undervoltage monitoring; Measuring of AC/DC signals; TRMS measuring principle; Window monitoring (upper and lower threshold at the same time); Easy Connect Technology with push-in terminals & Double-chamber cage connection terminals.

ABB Temperature Monitoring Relays Distributors

ABB temperature monitoring relays of CM-TCS and C51x range are able to measure temperatures of solids, liquids and gaseous media using different types of sensors. Overtemperature and undertemperature monitoring as well as open- or closed-circuit principle is configurable for all devices. As soon as the temperature falls below or exceeds the set threshold value the output relays change their positions according to the configured functionality and the front-face LED‘s display the current status. Main benefits include Down-time and commissioning time reduced; Engineering time savings & Selection time reduction. Main features include Different types of sensors e.g. PT100; Different monitoring functions (over-/undertemperature, window monitoring); All configurations and adjustments by front-face operating elements; One or two threshold values; Open- or closed-circuit principle configurable & Short-circuit monitoring and interrupted wire detection.

ABB Thermistor Motor Protection Relays Distributors

ABB thermistor motor protection relays of the CM-MSx.xx range monitor the winding temperature of motors which have PTC temperature sensors installed. These sensors are incorporated in the motor windings thus measuring the motor heat directly. This direct temperature measurement enables the thermistor motor protection relays to evaluate various motor conditions such as overheating, overload and insufficient cooling. Depending on the product also the ATEX approval is available for the use in hazardous areas. Main benefits include Reliable operation of your motors; Easy status indication and troubleshooting & Operation in hazardous areas possible. Main features include Dynamic interrupted wire detection; Wide control supply voltage rang 24-240 V AC/DC; Short circuit monitoring of the sensor circuit; Non-volatile fault storage; Remote reset & Screw connection technology or Easy Connect Technology available.

ABB Three-Phase Monitoring Relays Distributors

The reliable and continuous monitoring of three-phase networks guarantees trouble-free and economic operation of machines and installations. The most multifunctional three-phase monitoring relays in the electronic relays and controls assortment are ABB CM-MPS/N monitoring relays for rated voltage levels up to 820 V AC and 400 Hz. Additionally, a variety of economic and cost-efficient three-phase monitoring relays are offered in this range with specialized functionality. Most devices are available with two different terminal versions. You can choose between the proven screw connection technology (double-chamber cage connection terminals) and the completely tool-free Easy Connect Technology (push-in terminals). Main benefits include Safe and reliable monitoring of all important parameters in your three-phase network; Easy Connect Technology widhstands highest vibrations & Easy to adjust via front face potentiometer. Main features include Over-/undervoltage monitoring; Phase failure detection; Phase unbalance monitoring; Phase sequence monitoring; TRMS measuring principle & Easy Connect Technology with push-in terminals.