SN 201

ABB System pro M compact® complete miniature system, designed by ABB to meet all the installation requirements, expands its offering with the new SN201 series 1P+N miniature circuit-breakers in a module. Totally renewed, these products replace the S9 series and perfectly integrate with the System pro M compact® MCB range, starting from the identical profile, that lends a coordinated and streamlined look to the installation. The new 1P+N miniature circuit-breakers are a technologically advanced and comprehensive range, as concerns size, tripping characteristics, breaking capacity and accessories. They are available with rated currents from 2 to 40A, in the version with "C" characteristic, and with rated currents from 6 to 40A, in the version with "B" and "D" characteristics. As for breaking capacity, the range includes 4.5kA, 6kA and 10kA versions. The new SN201 series, with its innovative features, is the ideal choice for all the installation configurations required by the residential and commercial market sectors.