RCDs with Automatic Test

ABB F-ATI and F-ARI Test are a combination of RCCB features plus automatic testing and optional reclosing features. RCCBs are supposed to be checked every six months in order to make sure that the contacts are working properly and the device is able to trip in case of a leakage to earth. This operation affects the operational continuity of the circuits downstream. F-ATI and F-ARI Test ranges push the periodic test to another level as this is run automatically and with no interruption at all of the service. Therefore, also the operations carried out by maintenance personnel are reduced to the very minimum. In addition to the automatic test, F-ARI Range features a reclosing unit that tries to reclose the RCCB as it trips. The reclosing operations are based on an insulation check to make sure that no permanent fault is present. Moreover, the results coming from each and every circuit are collected at once thanks to ARBus Modbus interface. Main benefits include Cost- and time-Saving: maintenance costs are cut down as the device runs the test automatically once a month in accordance with EN 61008 provisions. A full array of the devices can be remotely controlled and read using the the ARBus interface; Constant uptime: while running the test, no disconnection of the supply occurs, compared to traditional RCCB units; Easy installation: the unit is factory fitted so no coupling is required; Proven quality: the range is approved by VDE and IMQ CSV according to product standard & Smart system: complete monitoring over the application thanks to a fault check system and a programmable aux contact. Main features include 2P (5 modules) and 4P (7 modules) versions; Rated current: 25, 40, 63 A; Sensitivity: 30, 300 mA; Type: A-APR; Rated voltage: 230 V & Back-up coordination with ABB devices such as: S200, S200 M, S200 P, S800 N, S800 S.