Safety Products

ABB Jokab Safety offers an extensive range of innovative products and solutions for machine safety systems. We have great experience of practical application of safety requirements and standards from both authorities and production. We are represented in standardization organisations for machine safety and we work daily with the practical application of safety requirements in combination with production requirements. We deliver everything from a single safety solution to complete safety systems for single machines or entire production lines. We offer a complete range of safety products, designed to make your machine safety system easy to build. We develop these innovative products continuously, in cooperation with our customers.

ABB Cables & Connectors Distributors
Cables & Connectors

Many of ABB Jokab Safety's products are connected using standard M12 connectors. This facilitates installation, saving a lot of time, and also dramatically reduces the risk of incorrect connection. We have therefore developed cables with 5 conductors, 5 x 0.34 mm + screening or 8 conductors; 8 x 0.34 mm + screening which offer the advantages that we believe a good cable should have. These are available in any length and in various standard lengths, with moulded straight or angled male or female connectors. Particularly suitable cables for the Tina 4A and Tina 8A units are C9 and C13. They have thicker, 0.75 mm2 conductors for the feed line and 0.5 mm2 for the other conductors + screening.

ABB Safety Contact Edges, Bumpers & Safety Mats Distributors
Contact Edge, Bumper & Mat

ABB Jokab Pressure sensitive devices detects when a pressure is being applied to them. For example when a person is being hit by the safety edge/bumper or is standing on the safety mat. Safety edges and bumpers are used as protection against squeezing. Bumpers are used for longer stop times. Safety mats are mainly used for area protection around dangerous machines.

ABB Emergency Stops & Pilot Devices Distributors
E-Stop & Pilot Device

ABB Jokab Safety emergency stop device is used to permit anyone to stop machinery if it breaks down or if someone is in danger. We offer different types of traditional mushroom head type emergency stop for different types of mounting and environment. We also offer pull wire emergency stop switches which allow emergency command from any point along the installed wire length.

ABB Fencing Systems Distributors
Fencing Systems

ABB Jokab Quick-Guard is a very flexible fencing system consisting of a minimum of different components, such as aluminum profiles, patented assembly parts, net-locks, mesh, solid or noise reduction panels. Thanks to our patented screw-lock system, we can supply all brackets pre-mounted with fixing screws and nuts. No holes need to be drilled in the profiles and all cuts are made straight. Assembly and modification is therefore very easy. Quick-Guard can be supplied to be designed by you on site (Quick-Guard Express) or designed and cut according to drawing (Quick-Guard standard).

ABB Optical Safety Devices Distributors
Optical Safety Devices

ABB Jokab optical safety devices detect a presence in their protected field and don't require any action from the machine operator. Therefore, they are considered as more production friendly than other safety devices. Our broad range of optical safety devices includes light curtains, light grids and single beam. Some are basic for the simple applications, some offer more advanced functions as muting for the more demanding applications.

ABB Programmable Safety Controllers Distributors
Programmable Safety Controller

ABB Jokab Safety Pluto concept enables simple communication, programming and changes to the system. Pluto reduces installation time in many ways. For example, its safe bus simplifies the connection between cabinets in accordance with PL e/SIL3 and the AS-i models reduce cabling to a minimum while eliminating most risks of incorrect connection. The programming software combines TÜV approved function blocks and ladder logic, and is very easy to use. Furthermore, up to 32 Pluto units can exchange data without having to configure or program the communication. The Pluto systems consist of different types of Pluto Safety PLCs for all kinds of machine safety application, gateways for communication with other control systems and encoders for safe position determination of machine movements. All Pluto models supports the StatusBus functionality.

ABB Safety Control Devices Distributors
Safety Control Devices

ABB Jokab Safety control devices are used to directly start and stop dangerous machine movements. We offer several different types of control devices to meet different needs.

ABB Safety Relays Distributors
Safety Relays

ABB Jokab Sentry safety relays are powerful and easy to use safety relays, suitable for all common types of safety applications. The Sentry series contains basic models for simple applications and easy output expansion, as well as highly flexible models with extremely accurate timer functions. Sentry safety relays are used in both simple and more advanced safety solutions when safety devices need to be monitored according to the requirements of functional safety standards.

ABB Safety Sensors, Switches & Locks Distributors
Safety Sensor, Switch & Lock

ABB Jokab Safety Sensors, switches and locks are used to control the gates and hatches around hazardous machinery, and to monitor the position of a machine. Devices for the dynamic signal (Pluto safety PLC/Vital safety controller) include Eden non-contact sensor; Magne magnetic process lock; Dalton process lock with tongue & Knox safety and process lock. Devices for all types of safety controllers include Eden non-contact sensor; Sense non-contact sensor; MKey5 key switch & MKey8 and MKey9 process lock.

ABB Tina Adapter Units Distributors
Tina Adapter Units

ABB Jokab Safety Tina devices adapt the dynamic safety circuit in Vital and Pluto to safety components with mechanical contacts, such as E-stops, switches and light beams/curtains with dual outputs. Tina is available in several versions depending on the type of safety component that is connected to the Vital or Pluto circuit. Also available is a bypassing unit, connector blocks and a blind plug. Main benefits include Easy adaptation of traditional two channel safety devices to the dynamic system; Fast connection with M12; Easier troubleshooting with LED and info signal & Less cabling and more information with connection blocks. Main features include Tina 2A/B, Tina 3A and Tina 7A for 2 contact devices; Tina 5A for bypassing; Tina 10 for OSSD outputs; Tina 6A for pressure sensitive devices & Connection blocks Tina 4A, Tina 8A, Tina 11A and Tina 12A.

ABB Urax Adapter Units Distributors
Urax Adapter Units

ABB Jokab Urax are adaptation devices for the AS-i bus that enables the connection of safety sensors and non-safe products to AS-i safety. Urax has the capability to connect multiple sensors in series to the highest level of safety. Urax safety node is available in several versions, and is designed for a variety of safety components. Main benefits include Easy adaptation of safety devices to the AS-i system; Less cabling; Cost saving with serial connection of safety devices in accordance with Cat 4 & Automatic recognition by Pluto Safety PLC. Main features include Urax-A1/A1R , for dynamic sensors; Urax-B1R, for dynamic sensors with higher current; Urax-C1/C1R, for sensors with two-channel structure; Urax-D1R, for light curtains and light grids (OSSD) & Urax-E1, for two-hand devices (simultaneity requirement).

ABB Vital Safety Controllers Distributors
Vital Safety Controller

When several safety devices should control the same output, it is quite common to connect them in series. But to reach PL e, serial connection is not possible and each device should have its own safety relay. ABB Jokab Safety Vital offers the capability to exclusively control smaller machine safety systems that would otherwise have required a programmable controller or multiple safety relays. With the Vital safety controller, up to 30 safety devices can be connected in series to one Vital and still reach PL e. Main benefits include One Vital instead of several safety relays; Easy to reach Cat 4; Easier troubleshooting & Easier connection. Main features include Used with specific devices or traditional devices with Tina adpaters; Models with one dynamic loop, two dynamic loops and logic, one dynamic loop and one 2 channel loop and logic; LED indication for status of the device and the loop; Info signal & Devices with M12 connectors.

ABB Accessories for Safety Adapter Units Distributors
Safety Products Accessories

On this page you can find information about ABB Jokab accessories for the Safety Adapter Units.