Safety Accessories

Datalogic Safety Accessories include Mirrors, Protective stands, Protective slits, Safety module, Safety relay, Muting box, Muting arms, Muting lamps, Laser pointer, Brackets.

Datalogic CS & CV Cables Distributors
CS & CV Cables

Two types of Datalogic cables with M12 connectors are avilable: CS (unshielded) and CV (shielded). Datasensor shielded cables are needed with SE series safety light curtains.

Datalogic CS-ME Interfaces Distributors

Datalogic CS-ME interfaces with integrated force guided relays, is an efficient alternative to wiring multiple force guided relays. It can be used with all Datasensor SG series safety light curtains with EDM (External device monitoring) function.

Datalogic LMS Muting Lamps Distributors

Datalogic LMS are muting lamps: standard, tower modular, with horizontal and vertical mounting.

Datalogic SE-S Floor Columns Distributors

Datalogic SE-S floor colum support both safety light curtains and Datasensor SG-DM deviating mirrors.

Datalogic SE-SR2 Safety Units Distributors

Datasensor SE-SR2 series is a Category 4 safety unit, compatible with all DATALOGIC safety light curtains.

Datalogic SG-DM Mirrors Distributors

Datalogic SG-DM series mirrors allow for integration in perimeter applications with finger, hand and body resolution safety light curtains as well as with single beams.

Datalogic SG-IP69K PMMA Tubes Distributors

Datalogic SG-IP69K are PMMA tubes used to protect safety light curtains SG2 BASE, SG2 EXTENDED, SG4 BASE and Datasensor SG BODY COMPACT. They are available in protection degrees IP67, IP68 and IP69K for harsh environments.

Datalogic SG-LP Laser Pointers Distributors

Datalogic laser pointer, to assist in the alignment of safety light curtains over long distances or when mirrors are used.

Datalogic SG-LS PMMA Plates Distributors

Datalogic SG-LS is a PMMA plate to be mounted on the front glass of the light curtain to protect it against dust, splinters and drops of incandescent material from material working or welding.

Datalogic SG-M Mounting Kits Distributors

The ready-to-use muting kit Datalogic SG-M, with its modular and flexible structure and its preinstalled sensors, is the ideal solution for any kind of application where the position and orientation of muting beams need to be regulated quickly and easily. The ready-to-use muting kit Datasensor SG-M, with its modular and flexible structure and its preinstalled sensors, is the ideal solution for any kind of application where the position and orientation of muting beams need to be regulated quickly and easily. The connection box reduces the wiring time of muting sensors to the light curtains with integrated muting function like SG BODY COMPACT, SG BODY REFLECTOR and SG4 EXTENDED. Muting arms can be installed directly on the light curtains or on the protective stands SG-PSB.

Datalogic SG-PSB & PSM Protection Stands & Mirrors Distributors

Datalogic SG-PSB protection stands and SG-PSM mirrors stands simplify the installation of safety light curtains in perimeter applications. Datasensor SG-PSB: Available in 5 heights from 600 mm to 1900 mm, with a robust aluminum housing mounted on a steel base. SG-PSM: Integrates into the same profile as SG-PSB 2, 3 or 4 single mirrors, for 500, 800, 900 and 1200 mm controlled heights.

Datalogic SG-SRT Interfaces Distributors

Datalogic SG-SRT series interfaces are designed to be used with SG BODY BIG, SG BODY REFLECTOR and SG BODY COMPACT safety light curtains, guaranteeing easy installation and use. Datasensor SG-SRT is provided in 2 different models: SG-SRT-1 standard version & SG-SRT-2 advanced version designed to integrate with SG BODY BIG and SG BODY REFLECTOR series and their full range of functionalities.

Datalogic ST-K Mounting Brackets Distributors

Datalogic SG Series safety light curtains are already equipped with mounting brackets, with the exception of Datasensor SG BODY BIG and SG BODY REFLECTOR. As spare parts, and for specific applications, many different mounting kits are available: Fixing angled brackets for side mounting in metal (ST-KSTD) and in plastic (ST-KPxMP), Fixing brackets for rear mounting (ST-KxREAR), Rotating brackets for top-bottom mounting (ST-KxROT), Adjustable supports (ST-KxOR) & Anti-vibration supports (ST-KxAV). For compatbility with different models of safety light curtains, refer to Safety Reference Guide.

Datalogic TP Test Pieces Distributors

Datalogic Test pieces to verify if the resolution of safety light curtains is maintained throughout monitored area. With 14, 20, 30, 35, 40, 50 and 90 mm diameters.