SG4 Fieldbus

Datalogic SG4 FIELDBUS is the first safety light curtain with integrated openSAFETY protocol over POWERLINK network. Adding the POWERLINK interface to the field-proven Datasensor SG4 light curtain platform allows for a new solution for safety that’s easy to integrate in existing networks and communicates seamlessly with Safety Programmable Controllers through openSAFETY protocol. These features result in less wiring and hardware, fewer errors in commissioning and maintenance and an increase the overall machine availability. New advanced functions, such as blanking and muting, will be integrated for increased flexibility to the safety functionality of the machine. With finger, hand and body protection, Datalogic SG4 FIELDBUS model can be implemented in any application where standard Datasensor SG4 safety light curtains are currently are used, in a wide range of industries such as food & beverage, packaging, machine tools, warehouses, wood, ceramics.