Datasensor SG4-H safety light curtains offer finger protection, IP69K stainless steel housing and hygienic design for aseptic application in pharmaceutical industry, where highest mechanical protection and resistance to frequent wash-down are mandatory. Datalogic SG4-H safety light curtain, with patented stainless steel housing, offers the highest mechanical protection and hygienic design for pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery applications. Datalogic SG4-H is characterized by 30x50mm compact profile, with controlled heights of 150, 300 or 450 mm, 14 mm resolution and operating distance up to 6 m, providing IP67 and IP69K protection without additional accessories. Datasensor SG4-H safety light curtains offer the highest mechanical protection, without the need of any protecting tubes, for advanced applications in processing and packaging machinery for Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries, where routine wash down and sterilization are vital to prevent bacterial contamination.