A wide range of prismatic reflectors is available as accessories for retroreflex sensors in order to guarantee excellent operation with infrared, visible red light and polarised emission. Reflectors of the R series satisfy the most varied application requirements, thanks to the different dimensions, shape, mounting possibilities or operating distances. Datasensor R2 and R5 reflectors are standard reflectors, respectively with 48 mm and 75 mm diameters, whereas the R4 and R6 high-efficiency reflectors can be used for longer operating distances. Datalogic R10 and R11 are suitable for specific applications requiring broad surfaces. The R7, R8 and R20 microprism reflectors, suitable for high resolution detection, are available for sensors with laser emission. The R9 reflector is a miniature reflector with a self-adhesive housing fixing system. The self-adhesive reflective tape can be cut according to the required shape and dimensions, and a version for polarised light is available.