Datalogic contrast sensors are used for print registration colour mark detection, with white or RGB LED emission, short response time and switching frequency up to 30 kHz.

Datalogic TL46 Contrast Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datasensor TL46 contrast sensor series is characterized by excellent performances in terms of resolution due to a RGB LEDs emission, low response time and high switching speed. The sensor, developed in a sturdy metal housing with standard fixing, is available in 3 different version. Datalogic TL46-W basic version with 2 set push-buttons and 2 LEDs indicator, Datasensor TL46-WL standard version has set 3 push-buttons, 4 LEDs indicator and bar graph is also available for manual setting of the threshold and Datalogic TL46-WLF enhanced version presents a 4-digit display for the setting of the most advanced functions, such as dynamic acquisition of the contrast mark. Datalogic sensor reaches the maximum market performances at 30kHz switching frequency. Datalogic announces the new TL46 Low jitter sensor which complements the well established Datalogic high performance contrast sensor family. Datalogic's new TL46-WJ is the fastest and most precise contrast sensor available; it detects any critical mark at speeds upto 400m./min. Its incomparable 7us. of jitter and the amazing operating frequency of 50kHz make Datalogic TL46-WJ the most accurate and the fastest contrast sensor on the market. The reliable RGB emission and its rectangular spot, allow the sensor to read any kind of very critical contrast in any industrial printing application, including transparent and very shiny back grounds. The rugged sensor housing and outstanding detection performance make Datalogic TL46-WJ the undisputed solution for flexographic printing machines, packaging and any application where high precision and high detection speed are the main requirements.

Datalogic TL50 Contrast Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datasensor TL50 contrast sensor line offers the best solution for all the applications where cost reduction is requested, without compromising the excellent detection performances. The optimised optics of these Datalogic sensors, the RGB LED emission with automatic colour selection and the very fine resolution, allow the detection of the weakest contrast of colours or grayscale between mark and background, or between different objects or surfaces. The high resolution is not a limit for the detection speed, reaching 33 ms response time and 15 kHz switching frequency.

Datalogic TLµ Contrast Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datasensor TLµ contrast sensor series offers solutions for all detection applications of register marks and other neutral or colored references. The microprocessor-based setting can be either 'Teach-in' using two push-buttons or 'Remote' by cable. The LED emission can be red/green with automatic selection, or white offering the possibility of operating on all contrasts. Datalogic models with interchangeable 9mm or 18mm lenses are available. Whereas 22, 28 and 50mm lenses are supplied as accessories. Many different fiber optic models are available. The output is NPN or PNP according to the model, but can always be selected using an internal switch. An analog output proportional to the received light is also present.