Des-Case serves its customers with leading, innovative products and services that enhance equipment reliability and increase profitability. Des-Case specializes in contamination control products for industrial lubricants. Des-Case products extend the life of industrial lubricants by preventing contamination with desiccant breathers, removing contaminants with filtration systems, and detecting lubricant problems with visual oil analysis. By extending lubricant life, Des-Case helps companies improve overall equipment reliability increasing productivity and profitability. Our design features are unparalleled in the marketplace and are used wherever lubricant life and performance are essential to daily operations.
Des-Case FlowGuard™ line of fluid handling products filter contaminates from lubricants, allowing for clean transfers of fluids and is tailored to assist companies in making their equipment investments last longer, including an array of filter elements to tackle water, particulate, varnish, sludge and acid removal in a wide variety of industrial applications.
Des-Case is the pioneer in engineering breathers with the most durable polycarbonate casing in the industry, an impact-resistant standpipe that creates optimal and even airflow, quality check-valve technology, honeycomb oil-reducing technology, and so much more. They are manufactured to work in a wide variety of applications, using quality, rugged materials and innovative designs.
Des-Case’s IsoLink® Oil Transfer Containers provide the first of its kind best practice solution to keep oil clean and dry during transfer. With non-desiccant and desiccant breather options available, as well as quick connects for clean filling, IsoLink® isolates oil from the environment providing the ultimate in best practice contamination control.
Filtration Assembly
Filtration Assemblies
Des-Case heavy-duty filter carts are ideal for use on small to medium-sized reservoirs with low flow rates and a variety of options. Compatible with mineral-based industrial fluids, portable systems such as the filter cart provide a cost-effective solution to maintaining fluid cleanliness in multiple applications with the same lubricant.
Every Des-Case breather has been designed to work in a wide variety of industries and applications, using quality, rugged materials and innovative designs in technology. Des-Case provides high quality fittings that are designed to work with their breathers, including sampling probes, breather adaptors, top end couplers and rebuildable steel adapters.
Filter Housing
Des-Case offers a number of desiccant breather lines to meet the needs of varying applications, size constraints, transport, storage and operating environments. Breathers are air filter and water vapor removal systems designed to replace traditional breather caps on fluid containing reservoirs, storage tanks and gearboxes. The breathers block out moisture and other contaminants in these systems, thereby improving performance.
Lubrication System
Lubrication Assemblies
The sturdy, stackable, and customizable pods of the Des-Case Lubricant Management System free up valuable floor space in any lube room. Dual-stage filtration, timers, quick disconnects, and desiccant breathers make this all-in-one system the most unique storage and handling product on the market.
Filtration Systems
Every Des-Case breather has been designed to work in a wide variety of industries and applications, using quality, rugged materials and innovative designs in technology. As the originator of the first desiccant breather, Des-Case has been pioneering the breather industry for decades for some of the largest manufacturing companies around the world.