Edwards Signaling buzzers are MSHA certified heavy duty buzzers suitable for use on mining equipment. Sound is produced by the hammer action of a vibrating armature against the cast aluminum cover. Edwards Signaling buzzer audible signals produce sounds designed to alert, warn, communicate and protect.

Edwards 1064 & 1065 Series Buzzers Distributors
1064 & 1065 Series

Flush mounted, heavy duty buzzer designed for standard outlet box installation. Edwards Signaling 1064 Series are provided with terminals for wiring connections. Edwards Signaling 1065 Series are provided with flying leads for wiring connections. Installs in standard outlet boxes using any standard wall plate. Low cost, quality buzzer widely used in homes, apartment houses, plants, and OEMs.

Edwards 1066 Series Buzzers Distributors
1066 Series

Edwards Signaling 1066 series high voltage low power drain buzzer is designed for standard outlet box installation. Provided with leads for wiring connections. Low cost, quality buzzer is widely used in homes, apartment houses, plants, and OEMs. Lower power draw of 1066 series permits long wire runs.

Edwards 118 & 123A Series Buzzers Distributors
118 & 123A Series

Edwards Signaling 118 Series DC and 123A Series AC Midi Vibrating Horns are designed primarily for security systems and for signaling devices on an OEM basis. Supplied with mounting bracket and simply attaches to mounting surface using #8-32 screw. Used for security systems, office machines, low-voltage trouble alarms, home appliances, data monitoring systems, computers, and timing devices.

Edwards 340A & 343A Series Buzzers Distributors
340A & 343A Series

Edwards vibrating 340A and 343A series AdaptaBuzzers are the finest, heavy duty buzzers available. The AC models are volume adjustable. Universal Adaptaplate mounts directly on any single-gang box, 3 1/4" (83 mm), 3 1/2" (89 mm), or 4 " (102 mm) octagon box. Buzzer plugs into receptacle on mounting plate. For flush mounting accessories see Adaptabel Accessories. Used for timing, scheduling, and paging applications. Use wherever a relatively low decibel signal of a different tone is required.

Edwards 660 Series Buzzers Distributors
660 Series

The Edwards 660 Series are compact, strap-mounted buzzers and bells designed for flush mounting in standard electrical boxes. Designed for installation in standard outlet boxes. Requires a 590 transformer and push button. Transformer and pushbutton may be mounted in same 3 gang outlet box with a minimum depth of 1 3/4" (44 mm) using a Cat. No. 593 transformer mounting plate. Used for residential and commercial door signals and interoffice communications and signaling.

Edwards E100 Series Buzzers Distributors
E100 Series

Edwards Lumatone signals are designed to demand attention in quiet and moderate noise areas. The signalís output can be varied by controlling the applied voltage. The signalís low power consumption makes them suitable for battery operated equipment and allows them to be turned on and off by integrated circuits, SCRs and transistors. Simply unscrew front housing and insert threaded portion through a 1 5/32" (29mm) panel hole. Screw front housing back on. Signal can accommodate panel thickness up to 3/16" (5mm). Used for security systems, computers, appliances and industrial, process control, communication and restaurant equipment.