5530M/5530MV Series

Edwards Signaling 5530M Adaptatone Millennium is a heavy-duty industrial, tone-selectable, signaling device capable of producing volume-controlled, high-decibel tones. It uses a microprocessor circuit to create 55 distinctive tones, selected by setting a dip switch within the unit. For a complete listing of all 55 tones, see Tone Selection under Catalog Pages on the left hand side of this page. The Adaptatone Millennium can be activated from field-wired, normally open contacts, or from a 24VDC or 120VAC external voltage source such as an output of a PLC. PLC compatibility assures no additional loading resistors or relays are required to set up your Adaptatone. Selected models are designed to serially connect to RS485 networks. The 5530MV-485Y6 additionally has a field recordable voice feature that allows activation of voice messages over the RS485 network. Normally open contacts can be obtained from the Cat. No. 5538-4 and/or Cat. No. 5538-4R Adaptatone Signal Actuators. Designed for industrial applications requiring high decibel output and microprocessor reliability. Typical applications include emergency warning systems, plant evacuation and security intrusion alarms, process monitoring, shift start-and-dismissal horns, and paging signals.

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