EWS-V8-3 Series

The largest omni-directional siren in existence. Taking advantage of a continuous duty, industrial motor and rated at 127 dB, the EWS-V8-3 produces continuous 360° coverage, making it a superior alternative to directional beam type siren. Edwards Signaling EWS-V8-3 is available in three phase power only, and is a dual tone siren, employing two rotors with different numbers of ports to produce a greater range of frequency. One rotor produces 600 cycles per second, and the other produces 850 cycles per second. All exposed siren components are of galvanized steel construction, which are powder coated for the most durable finish available. The fan and housing are made of non-corrosive cast aluminum.Maximum diameter of the siren is 78" (198.1 cm), maximum height is 67" (170.2 cm), and the maximum mounting base size is 24" (61 cm) square. Shipping weight of the siren is 1,200 lbs. (544.3 kg).

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