Model 20

The Model 20 Volume Booster is a smaller pneumatic device capable of high flow and exhaust capacity. This device uses a force balance system to control the movement of the supply and exhaust valves. As a pilot operated regulator design, the M20 handles up to 150 psig, [10.0 BAR], (1000 kPa) supply pressure and has ten available ratios to cover a wide range of applications. The M20 Booster provides a flow capacity of 45 SCFM (76.5 m3/HR), which equates to a Cv factor of approximately 1.0 in forward mode. Typical Part Numbers are 20812, 20822, 20832, 20842, 20852, 20862, 20813, 20823, 20833, 20843, 20853, 20863.

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