Basic 4.6" Series

Control goes beyond on and off, stop and go. It’s about knowledge, response and making the right decisions. Pushbuttons, lights and indicators can do the work, but they don’t give you information. Maintaining a typical control panel full of components takes time away from more important tasks. There’s one very smart solution: the HG1F, the latest operator interface in the IDEC SmartTouch family. This superbright, compact HG1F has all the features of a large touchscreen and it’s still small enough to fit in a tight space and priced to fit in a tight budget. IDEC HG1F’s super-slim design has only a 35.3 mm panel depth. And it can be mounted horizontally or vertically to fit your needs; the programming software supports both orientations. If you need to fit an unusual size panel or just want more choices, you’ll have a readable display either direction. Clear responses, visible displays and unmistakable instructions to operators - these are the hallmarks of a smart HMI, one that will surpass every button and every old panel. IZUMI HG1F includes a high-speed CPU processor that responds to commands and changes displays instantly, so you’re never in doubt about input or status. When you see the HG1F, the screen really stands out. It’s easy to read, even from an angle, and you can set contrasts to create the ideal display for any lighting condition. And the higher resolution screen gives you more real estate than other small screens; take as much space as you need to make the elements and text on your screen as understandable as possible. HG1F 4.6" LCD Screen is programmable with WindO/I-NV2, Windows-based software walking you through configuration of your images and your workspace. Dragging and dropping makes screen creation fast,even for beginners. Previewing and editing are handled through WindO/I-NV2’s extremely user-friendly interface. The software comes with built-in PLC drivers for your convenience and over 5000 library of images to help you create cutting edge graphical screens. An optional maintenance cable for HG1F OI touchscreens provides a simple way to duplicate project data without using a PC (and application software). Project data can easily be copied by connecting a cable between two HG1F touchscreens for program transfer. No wasted time, no need to re-input project data, and no need to drag a PC to the machine floor. Simply replace an older HG1F with a new HG1F right from the field.