Counting Technology

Kubler electromechanical counters in many versions, as well as miniature counters for PCB-mounting (our special area of competence), are ideal time and pulse counters for pumps, lifts, dryers, UV lamps, KWh meters and much more. The Codix series offers functional, low-cost electronic display counters, position displays, timers and tachometers. Our electronic multifunction preset counters enable decentralised control and so reduce cycle times.

Kubler Multifunction Devices Distributors

The versatile Kubler multi-function digital units are easily configured as a digital counter, timer, combination timer-counter or tachometer. The color LCD/LED display shows present values, setting values and menu parameters during setup. Process control parameters are easily set using the externally accessible DIP switches or the lockable keypad.

Kubler Electronic Position Displays Distributors
Position Displays

Kubler position displays are devices, which measure pulses from rotary encoders or linear measurement systems, with incremental pulses or absolute position data. These displayed position values can be scaled using pulse weighting, which means that the display can be converted to any desired magnitude. Quadrature x1, x2 or x4 input pulse evaluation is available on displays that have incremental inputs. Type 572 has 2 separate incremental inputs for HTL or TTL signals up to max. 1 MHz. The two values can be mathematically calculated with respect to each other. Absolute systems are evaluated using the SSI protocol; singleturn as well as multiturn systems can be displayed and evaluated. The Kubler SSI display has a fast clock frequency up to 1 MHz, suitable for our absolute encoders. It has numerous programmable measurement functions, a freely scalable display, a scalable analog output, a serial interface and a up to 4 limit values.

Kubler Preset Counters Distributors

Kubler preset counters unlike totalising counters are devices with a control function; an output signal is given upon reaching a preset value which in-turn signals other devices. Choose a supply voltage and desired number of presets - up to two presets can be provided. Additional output options can be supplied with some models; these include an analogue output board (4-20mA / 0-10V) and/or RS485 communications. Display functionality includes; dual line display - the upper figures show the count value whilst the lower row indicates the preset value, visual symbols indicate the output status, for example, an open or closed relay symbol or an LED status light, or a full display colour change upon reaching a preset.

Kubler Pulse Counters Distributors

Kubler pulse counter, counts the number of non-zero inputs it receives. There is a start/stop pin to initiate and pause the count, and also a reset pin to set the count back to zero. Any non-zero input on the pulse input pin, is considered a pulse and will be counted when the count is enabled.

Kubler Tachometers Distributors

Kubler tachometers measure pulses per unit of time, typically pulses per second with frequency measurements or pulses per minute with rotary speed measurement or production quantities and volumes.

Kubler Time Preset Counters Distributors
Time Preset

Kubler count control products provide output signals at preset count values. When signaling is needed for cut-to-length, batching, filling, mixing and dispensing applications, count control products offer the solution. Kubler offers a variety of sizes, display types and feature sets.

Kubler Hour Meters/Timers Distributors

Kubler timers are used in applications where time is the main focus. To make a process more efficient, effective or safe, timers are used to determine how long a machine has been running in order to schedule machine maintenance or they can start or stop a process at a predetermined point in time.