Strain Gauge Controllers

Kubler strain-gauge controllers measure values very accurately (by means of inputs from a selection of sensors that can be connected) and display these values, freely scalable, in the 6-digit 14-segment display. These devices offer the option to store custom characteristic curves, in order to compensate for sensor inaccuracies. With a resettable MIN/MAX value function, peak values can be precisely measured and retransmitted if required. A variety of suitable sensors can be connected to the measuring bridge input to give precise measuring results. With running help texts and a quick-start guide, programming is very simple and user-friendly, despite the wide functionality. The strain-gauge controllers additionally boast 2 limit value alarms, which operate when the measured value exceeds or drops below the limit setpoint, or alternatively within a fixed band. Thanks to features such as start delay, hysteresis function and averaging, they can be employed in the most diverse applications. They can also be used as simple ON/OFF controllers. The optional analog output enables the retransmission of the measured values to higher-level systems or monitoring devices. A totalizer function sums the measured value with respect to time, in order to measure quantities or volume over a fixed time period. The process controller Codix 566 with totaliser function displays measured values from all common strain-gauge inputs in high resolution. In addition it can monitor and control 2 limit values. These fast displays set new standards when it comes to user friendliness. Their easy-to-read 14-segment LED display, easyto- understand running help texts and a practical quick-start guide eliminate the need to wade through time-consuming full instruction manuals. With optional analogue output.