8400 Series

Lenze 8400 drives have been designed for consistent process optimisation throughout all phases of the value-added chain. They reduce your outlay from selection onwards, via project planning, production, commissioning and beyond to service. The Lenze inverters are supplied complete with integrated shield connections. This reduces the time required to prepare for and carry out assembly work. Cost-efficiency, time savings and quality enhancement are the challenges of the future. Lenze is facing these challenges with its L-force product portfolio, the holistic solution portfolio with precisely matched interfaces and components. For faster configuration and commissioning, better performance and more flexibility in production. As such, the four versions of 8400 vector drives - BaseLine, StateLine, HighLine and TopLine - have been designed for consistent process optimisation - through out your entire value-added chain. They reduce your costs, from component selection, through project planning, manufacturing and commissioning, all the way up to servicing. Lenze calls this "rightsizing". Complete with everything you need for convenient operation, handling, diagnostics and communication, Lenze 8200 vector modular range of frequency inverters has a power range of 0.33 to 120.7 Hp (0.25 to 90 kW). Pluggable function modules enable precisely tailored integration of Lenze 8200 vector into the control and automation architecture of your machine or installation. Their compact dimensions allow you to save space in your control cabinet. For individual cooling concepts, Lenze offers the "push-through technique" and "cold plate technique" models. Lenze 8200 units are operated either via a plug-in Keypad XT control console or a PC in connection with the convenient and free-of-charge Global Drive Control easy operating software. The concept of the 8200 vector frequency inverter is based on a modular system of components adjusted to each other. If combined with a Lenze geared motor or a Lenze three-phase AC motor, you can produce electronic variable speed drives for a wide range of applications in the 0.25 to 90 kW power range.