8400 HighLine

The 8400 HighLine stands out from the 8400 range with its integrated point to point positioning. This allows up to 15 selectable target positions, including their travel profiles, to be saved in the inverter. Help you stay on top of the situation. Lenze frequency inverters for easily controlled motion and positioning. Particularly suitable for: rotary indexing tables or warehousing systems in the field of intralogistics, bag form fill and seal machines in the packaging industry. The selectable form of the V/f characteristic allows the frequency inverters to be adapted to loads with torque requirements rising in a constant or quadratic manner. The integrated flying restart circuit means that a drive can be easily restarted when the shaft is still turning. The power level is adapted such that the inverter is only driven to suit the current demand for torque/power. An adjustable slip compensation balances load-related speed variations without costly speed feedback. The maximum current limiting function ensures stable operation under static and dynamic loads. A PTC resistor can be connected to protect the motor. Thanks to the huge mains voltage range of up to 500 V (+10%), you don't need to worry about where in the world your machine is supplied. And the 8400 vector series is of course certified inline with international standards.