AC Tech MC Series

Lenze AC Tech MC Series frequency inverters are built in rugged steel enclosures that hold up to daily life on the factory floor. This constant horsepower drive can be set up for simple applications requiring ramped start, ramped stop and speed control to demanding applications that require PID set-point control and many other functions. The intelligent, versatile and cost-effective choice for industrial applications. From harsh environments to high torque loads, AC Tech M1000 Series microdrives meet the toughest requirements with outstanding reliability, at a low cost. The easy-to-program AC Tech M1000 offers full features, extensive I/O, and a full array of programmable functions. Lenze AC Tech M1000 is available in a power range of 1/4 to 150 HP (0.18 - 110 kW) and voltages ranging from 115 to 575 VAC. Designed expressly for use where the motor control is an integral part of a process, AC Tech M3000 is rated for constant torque applications but can easily be configured for variable torque applications. AC Tech MC Series keypad display has been designed to make it easy to understand what is happening with the AC motor that is driving your machine or process. Because Lenze displays are in English, programming AC Tech MC is easy to understand, often eliminating the need to have the manual in one hand while programming with the other!

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