Symcom Pump Saver

Many pumping applications require advanced power monitoring and control. SymCom enhanced power monitors provide all of the protection and features included with an enhanced overload relay, and are designed specifically to support low horsepower and/or low speed motor applications. This family of Littelfuse enhanced power monitors provides optimal protection for any type of motor or pump. SymCom motor & pump protection relays prevent damage to motors caused by overloads, jams, phase loss or unbalance, heat from non-electric sources, heavy start-ups and excessive operational cycles. Dynamic thermal curves, as well as integrated protection, metering, and data-logging functions extend motor life and maximize process efficiency. Monitoring, control, and protection are critical and necessary functions in motor and pumping applications. SymCom’s single-phase and three-phase UL listed enhanced overload relays monitor for both line-side voltage problems and load-side current faults, providing an added layer of protection over voltage monitors and other basic overload relays. All SymCom PumpSaver Plusoverload relays are user configurable and cover a wide range of voltages and currents, making them the most versatile in the industry. A standard feature of the entire family of SymCom MotorSaver Plus overload relays is a communications port which provides easy connectivity to a SCADA system, PLC, or virtually any network through the use of a communications module. The communications port allows remote monitoring of motor operations and fault conditions through easy connectivity to SymCom’s Remote Monitors, aiding compliance with arc flash safety regulations.