SymCom PC-102 series is a dual-channel switch that provides dual protection against seal failures and over-temperature in submersible pumping applications. Littelfuse relays have two form-C isolated output relays and two LEDs, which illuminate when each associated output relay is energized. The sensitivity adjustment (4.7k-100kOhms) allows you to define the input impedance at which the output relays will change state. The sensitivity for the over-temperature detector can be set to 4k Ohms with use of the DIP switches. SymCom's seal-leak detectors have a microcontroller-based relay that monitors the shaft seal of submersible pumps. If the seal is compromised, water leaks into the pump and causes the electrical resistance of the seal cavity to decrease. A probe inserted into the seal cavity detects this decrease. When the resistance drops below the sensitivity setpoint, Littelfuse unit will trip and the relay will change states. SymCom unit will automatically reset when a fault has cleared.