The Littelfuse/SymCom 50R MotorSaver single-phase voltage monitor has a voltage-sensing circuit which constantly monitors the single-phase power for a low voltage condition. Single-phase motors on fans, compressors, air conditioners, heat pumps, well pumps, sump pumps and small conveyor motors are all applicable to the Model 50R. When a harmful condition is detected, the output relay is deactivated after a specified trip delay. The output relay reactivates after power line conditions return to an acceptable level and a specified amount of time has elapsed (restart delay). The trip delay prevents nuisance tripping due to rapidly fluctuating power line conditions.

littelfuse 50r monitor
Littelfuse/SSAC HRDM Distributors | The HRDM Series combines an electromechanical relay output with microcontroller timing circuitry. It offers 12 to 230V operation in five ranges and factory fixed, onboard, or external adjustable time delays with a repeat accuracy of ±0.5%. The output contact rating allows for direct operation of heavy loads, such as compressors, pumps, blower motors, heaters, etc. This series is ideal for OEM applications where cost is a factor. | HRDM