The Littelfuse/SSAC WVM Series provides protection against premature equipment (motor) failure caused by voltage faults on the 3-phase line. The WVM’s microcontroller design provides reliable protection even if regenerated voltages are present. It combines dependable fault sensing with a 10 fault memory and a 6 LED status display. Part instrument, part control, the WVM protects your equipment when you’re not there and displays what happened when you return. The WVM is fully adjustable and includes time delays to prevent nuisance tripping and improve system operation. Time delays include a 0.25 to 30s adjustable trip delay, an adjustable 0.25 to 64m (in 3 ranges) restart delay, plus a unique 3 to 15s true random start delay. The random start delay prevents voltage sags caused by simultaneous restarting of numerous motor loads after a power outage.

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