XLD Series

Motortronics XLD Series is a digitally programmable solid state reduced voltage soft starter. Its six SCR design features a voltage/current ramp with an anti-oscillation circuit for smooth load acceleration. The SCRs are sized to withstand starting currents of 500% for 60 seconds (compared to 350% for 30 seconds from other manufacturers). The XLD Series features smooth, stepless ramp control which reduces motor inrush current and excessive wear on the mechanical drive train components. In addition to having easy to understand diagnostic LEDs, the XLD Series includes a programmable keypad for setting operating parameters for the ideal starting cycle. Starting torque, ramp time, current limit, dual ramp, and decel control are standard features on the XLD Series. By simply adjusting the unit's starting torque, ramp time and current limit functions, the starting electrical characteristics of the motor can be matched to the mechanical characteristics of the drive train for controlled acceleration of the load.