NK Technologies

Neilsen-Kuljian, Inc., became the first to develop the low-cost solid-state current sensing technology that underlies the industry today. NK Technologies has maintained a focus on developing and manufacturing innovative, cost-effective current sensing products designed to add value and to meet or exceed our customers’ performance expectations. NK Technologies remains a leading supplier of current measurement solutions to the industrial and factory automation markets.

NK Technologies Current Indicators Distributors
Current Indicators

NK Technologies AMPFlasher ACI Series Current Indicator is a compact, inexpensive, easy-to-use LED ring which slips onto a conductor to give a flashing indication of current flow. 5/16" ID suitable for conductors up to 100 A & low sensitivity turn-on point detects current as low as 0.5 A with a single conductor pass. High visibility flashing LED gives visual status & compact 1" case with cable tie for secure mounting. The AMPFlasher is ideal for use in control panels, or wherever confirmation of current flow is desired. The AMPFlasher current indicators are a cost-effective way to detect live conductors and see current flow to fans, heaters, pumps, lighting or other powered devices.

NK Technologies Current Sensing Switches Distributors
Current Sensing Switches

Neilsen Kuljian current operated switches are ideal for off/on status, overload or underload indication. Current sensing switches from NK Technologies combine a CT, signal conditioner and output contacts into a single package for use with industrial and factory automation equipment.

NK Technologies Current Transducers Distributors
Current Transducers

For over two decades, NK Technologies has remained the premier manufacturer of Current Sensors and Transducers serving the factory and industrial automation markets. With one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry, NK Technologies provides reliable, innovative current sensing products designed to add value and exceed our customers' expectations.

NK Technologies Current Transformers Distributors
Current Transformers

NK Technologies (Neilsen Kuljian) offer current transformers (CTs) for use with power transducers, panel meters, and in two-piece installations with transducers and switches to extend ranges for high amperage/large conductor applications. Split-core or solid-core case current transformers & agency approved.

NK Technologies Ground Fault Sensors Distributors
Ground Fault Sensors

Detecting ground fault conditions and protecting sensitive equipment or personnel from harm are where NK Technologies AG Series sensors can help. A compact design eliminates two-piece solutions while options include factory-set or field adjustable trip point; N.O. or N.C. latching or auto-reset relays, 24/120/240V power supply and noise immunity. N.O./N.C. solid-state switch or mechanical relay outputs & field-selectable 5 mA, 10 mA or 30 mA setpoints. Noise immunity option for EMI/RFI sensitive environments & UL, CE approved.

NK Technologies Power Transducers Distributors
Power Transducers

NK Technologies power monitoring sensors measure loads and improve performance by providing instantaneous True Power kW or accumulated kWh data. They are simple, reliable and accurate. Digital communications are available in some models. Contact the factory or a local distributor for more information. 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC, and/or networked outputs & accepts standard 5 A or 0-333 mV CT inputs.

NK Technologies Signal Converters Distributors
Signal Converters

NK Technologies ADC Series Signal Converter connects up to eight 4-20mA loop-powered analog sensors, or up to eight separately powered 4-20mA output sensors, or up to four of each. This will produce a digital signal representing 0-100% of each sensor output. It is the perfect solution for photovoltaic power production system monitoring. NK Technologies CTC Series Signal Converters allow you to use an existing standard 5A secondary or low-voltage ProteCT™ current transformer over a conductor to produce an industry standard 4-20mA two-wire, loop powered signal.

NK Technologies Voltage Transducers Distributors
Voltage Transducers

NK Technologies' voltage transducers are high-performance transducer for sensing voltage in installations. They are available in an AC or DC Series and come in a variety of nominal voltages. NK Technologies has redesigned and expanded its flagship line of voltage sensing products.