Safety Components such as safety sensors, door, limit, emergency and safety switches and safety relays and controllers, are required for safety countermeasures in equipment and facilities. They are used for shut-out detection of mechanical guards, checking intrusion into hazardous areas, and building safety circuits.
omron a22e series emergency stop switch
Emergency Stop Devices
Omron's Emergency Stop Devices are designed to halt equipment functions in emergency situations, our E-Stop devices are a crucial component of a complete safety circuit.
omron a4eg series safety enabling grip switch
Enabling Switches
Enabling grip switches are safety components used to prevent unexpected machine operation when workers perform maintenance or other non-routine tasks inside hazardous areas, such as areas inside protective shields.
omron f3sj a series safety light curtains
Safety Light Curtains
Choose from our wide variety of Omron Safety Light Curtain Products. Omron safety light curtains offer finger, arm, and body protection.
omron d4ns series safety interlock door switch
Safety Interlock Switches
Interlock Switches detect the opening of guards or doors for prevention of access to hazardous areas and safely stop machines.
omron os32c series safety laser scanner
Safety Laser Scanners
Choose from Valin's selection of laser scanner products. Laser Scanners detect presence of workers in machine’s hazardous areas.
omron d4n series safety limit switch
Safety Limit Switches
Choose from Valin's selection of laser scanner products. Limit Switches are equipped with direct opening mechanisms.
omron safety mat trim kit
Safety Mats
Protect your team with an efficient combination of safety mats, edges and bumpers as part of a complete safety solution.
omron safety monitoring relay
Safety Relays
Safety Relays are used to build safety circuits for equipment and facilities. Safety Relays have a forced guided mechanism that enables detecting contact welding.