Panasonic LH2H digital hour meter series consisting of a panel mount type and PC board mount type. Displayed characters are taller and easier to read. Easy-to-read character height increased from 7 mm to 8.7 mm/ .276 inch to .343 inch. Select by switch between two time ranges in a single meter. Comes with very easy one-touch installation type and also installation frame type that uses the frame on the timer/counter. Choose a method that suits the application. To replace battery simply remove body for the one-touch installation type, and remove battery lid for the installation frame type. Built in finger protection. Change the panel design by replacing with a black panel cover. Conforms to IP66 Protective Construction (Only installation frame type.) (Front panel surface) Backlight Type Added to Series and Now 2-color Switchable (green/red). Easy viewing even in dark places and switchable between green and red (Voltage input type). Compliant with UL, c-UL and CE marking.