Panasonic AZC1's integrated structure of the magnet (holding) and switch (detection) reduces the required space and installation workload. Accurate open/close detection is available. A switch that makes electrical contruction possible at 100 V AC power. The built-in magnet safeguards checking of the facility cover and gate. Built-in switch with accurate ON/OFF detection. Combination of magnet (support) and limit switch (detection) saves on both construction and space. Two types of contact: 1 Form A (ON when gate is closed), and 1 Form B (ON when gate is open). The unit case comes in three colors: Yellow, Brown, and Gray. The product comes with three different types of weight sustainability: 9.8 N {1 kgf }, 29.4 N {3 kgf } and 49.0 N {5 kgf }.