Panasonic GT02L can be directly connected to a PLC such as Panasonic FP series or Mitsubishi Electric's FX series with a single cable for linked operations and communications, significantly reducing the number of man hours required for wiring. There is no need to prepare a separate power supply. Customizable screen and button layouts for user-friendly operations, Easy to switch screens for multi-application usage, Easy maintenance achieved by sharing components & Easy data transfer via miniUSB port. Compact body with a wide LCD screen that is the largest size in its class. Security functions, multiple unit connection function, graph function, analog-touch system, TrueType fonts, Kanji character display, etc. There are differences from GT02 5 V type with respect to the protective structure, LCD performance, and the number of registrable screens. In addition, the buzzer sound function is not available, and the Kanji characters cannot be used for character indications for data parts. Other functions are identical.