Panasonic FP-X0 programmable controllers include the functionality required for simple automation applications. They are ideal for the most common motion control automation solutions, for example together with MINAS A5 servo drives and especially MINAS Liqi. CPUs are available with 14, 30, 40 and 60 I/Os and can be expanded to up to 216 I/Os. Super-high speed of 80 ns/step for 0 to 3000 steps (ST command). 580 ns/step processing speed for 3001 steps or more (Only for L40 and L60). One control unit can be connected with up to 3 expansion units. Therefore, the maximum number can reach 150 points. In addition, if the expansion FP0 adaptor is used, the maximum number can reach 216 points when the FP0R expansion unit is used. (Only for L40R, L40MR, L60R and L60MR) One RS232C programming port is equipped on the body. And RS485 communication port is also built in L40MR and L60MR. Non-program communication with the devices (such as the temperature controller and the inverter etc.) using global universal industry standard Modbus-RTU (binary) can be realized simply. If L40MR and L60MR are used, the sharing of bit data and word data among 16 PLCs (max.) can be realized. Non-program communication with the devices (such as the display, image processor, temperature controller and wattmeter etc.) using Panasonic open protocol "MEWTOCOL" can be realized simply. It can generate or send the corresponding commands according to the communication protocol used by the pairing device. In addition, it can also receive the flow data, such as the data from the measuring instrument, bar code reader and RF-ID etc.