The pulse output port of Panasonic FP0H can also serve as a PWM output port. One of the application examples is an analog voltage output, which can be used for inverter speed control. Ladder programs can be combined to create an application for counting pulse signals from the encoder through the high speed counter input and adjusting the pulse output frequency based on the count to synchronize the slave axis speed with the master axis speed. In the lower figure, the speed of conveyor 1, which is inverter controlled, is measured based on the encoder pulse count, and pulses are output (for jog operation) to the motor (slave) according to the measured speed in order to synchronize the speed of conveyor 2. Built-in 4-axis pulse output, so simultaneous control of 2-axis linear interpolation is possible for two sets. For example, two X-Y tables can be controlled. An Ethernet type control unit supports EtherNet/IP. Easy connection with all kinds of robots and PLCs enables control and communication. Note: EtherNet/IP is a trademark of ODVA, Inc. With ease and at low cost, extend the serial communication functionality of control unit.