Panasonic SF4D series features a slim and robust unit body and new high power optical system. The tough unit body prevents entry of liquids and dust. The new series ensures stable and reliable operation of safety light curtain even under an inhospitable environment. The internal unit was redesigned and downsized extensively. The internal unit was downsized to less than 40% (volume ratio) as compared to the conventional model while achieving higher performance. The case structure was also optimized and offers high rigidity without any change in external dimensions. The SF4D series provides high performance and high reliability while maintaining the installation and wiring compatibility with the previous models. Completely new mounting brackets and structure. In addition to strengthening the rigidity of the mounting brackets, we have also improved the method of attachment to the safety light curtain unit to significantly increase the mount strength. The dead zoneless mounting bracket and the optional mounting bracket* that does not extend from aluminum frame are also available for easier use.