With Panasonic NA1-PK5, we've enhanced visibility even further by using 8 orange LED lights. Bright, easy-to-see job indicators, 55 mm 2.165 in in length, have been incorporated into both the emitter and the receiver. This sensor is optimal for picking. Space saving is now possible. The ultra-thin design does not obstruct picking operation. Its long sensing range of 3 m 9.843 ft is sufficient for confirming access to a parts shelf. Sensor units can now be set to different light emission frequencies in order to prevent mutual interference. Two units can now be operated in a side-by-side configuration without interference, for problem-free detection over wider areas. The job indicator operation can be selected as either continuous lighting or blinking. Either of the two different detection operations may be selected in order to suit the particular application. Sensor units can be set to detect the interruption of 1 or more beam channels, or can be set to detect only the interruption of 2 or more beam channels.