High Speed

Panasonic FX2 high-speed / LED sensing fiber sensor has a high-speed response time of 15μs (in light receiving condition), and is suitable for detecting small objects or objects traveling at high-speed. Note: FX2-A3R-LED response time is 50ms. LED sensing type, which can detect weak lighting from LED, is also available. The sensor has a multi-rotational adjuster for fine sensitivity adjustment. Moreover, the idling mechanism of the adjuster makes it free from damage due to over-turning. Panasonic FX-LE1 expansion lens expands the sensing range. Panasonic FX-SV1 side view lens bends light at right angle direction to perfectly fit in narrow spaces. With a spot diameter: ø0.5mm, Panasonic FX-MR1 pinpoint spot lens is best effective in detecting minute objects or small marks.