If mounting standard types and different frequency types parallel to each other, they use up one-third the space needed for mounting compared to the same models. In addition, Panasonic GP-A14F type can be mounted close together and the sensor heads can be set in a narrow range for distortion and other difficult measurements. Fine adjustment according to the sensing conditions is possible with shift and span functions. By pressing the zero-adjustment button, you can reset the output voltage to 0 V with one touch. (Resets the current output to 4 mA) This function comes in handy when performing tolerance diagnosis of a masterwork to be used as the standard. Easy adjustment for product changes. Minute displacement of metallic objects can be accurately measured with a resolution of 0.04 % F.S. Displacement is accurately output since it incorporates a high accuracy linearity correction circuit. With IP67G environment resistance, various measurements are possible under many different conditions. Panasonic GP-A sensor heads boast a 2 mm 0.079 in or more sensing range enabling 0.03 % F.S./℃. (Excluding the different frequency type).