Panasonic EX-20 ultra-compact Photoelectric Sensor beam-receiving photodiode and the A/D conversion circuit have been fabricated on a single chip optical IC (full custom). Hence, in spite of its miniature size, it has a performance and reliability which is equal to or better than the conventional product. The sensor incorporates a sensitivity adjuster in spite of its miniature size. It is convenient when you need fine adjustment. Further, the receiver of the thru-beam, side sensing type sensor incorporates an operation mode switch which can change the output operation. The EX-20 series achieves long distance sensing [thru-beam type: 2 m 6.562 ft, retroreflective type: 200 mm 7.874 in (when using the attached reflector), diffuse reflective type: 160 mm 6.299 in], despite its miniature size. Hence, it is usable even on a wide conveyor.

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