Panasonic EX-Z ultra-minute photoelectric sensor, the world's thinnest sensor dimension of 3 mm 0.118 in has been achieved by utilizing new semiconductor packaging technology that does not use wire bonding. The small unit size allows installation of sensors in a narrow space where only a conventional fiber sensor head could be installed before. The built-in amplifier also saves on installation space. A slit is provided on the front side of the main sensor body. The sensor can detect a ø0.3 mm ø0.012 in object (the smallest-object sensing capability in the industry) without using an optional slit. The high-brightness 4-element red LED provides strong light emission stably over a long period of time. In spite of the extremely small size, both front sensing and side sensing units can sense a small ø1.0 mm ø0.039 in object from a long distance of 500 mm 19.685 in. Since the spotlight is clearly visible, the sensing position can be easily confirmed.