Compared to sensors that use LED light, Panasonic laser sensors offer many decisive advantages. Due to its very nature, the laser beam ends in a point of light on the objects being sensed that is much smaller than that of LED sensors. This yields markedly higher accuracy, allowing machines to work more precisely and at higher speeds. Moreover, the comparatively "high energy" laser beam exhibits greater illuminance, which in turn improves sensing. In short, this means sensing that is more "precise" and more "reliable". Laser sensors offer a long sensing range and precision that can not be matched with LED based solutions. Panasonic laser amplifiers contain the same high-speed response and built-in features that can be found in the high end fiber optic amplifiers, so you are ensured the highest quality sensing available.

Panasonic EX-L200 Laser Sensors Distributors

Due to the customized IC and optical design, high precision detection is fulfilled with directivity and visibility achievable only by laser. The laser adopted is Class 1 (IEC / JIS / FDA) laser that is safe to use, so that there is no need to separate the areas of sensor usage. Panasonic EX-L211 ø0.5 mm ø0.020 in light receiving slit cuts out any unnecessary beam. As only the beam which enters into the slit becomes valid, an accurate and precise detection is possible. This is effective for minute object detection or small difference in level detection. Also, the aspheric surface adopts a glass module lens to deliver a high quality spot beam. A repeatability of 0.02 mm 0.0008 in or less at a range of from 100 mm to 200 mm 3.937 to 7.874 in makes this type best suitable for positioning applications. Moreover, it boasts a top-class detection precision in the compact laser sensor category with its min. sensing object being ø0.01 mm ø0.0004 in. The same aspheric surface glass lens used in the thru-beam type is adopted to minimize aberration and deliver a high quality beam spot. Panasonic EX-L200 series has the same mounting pitch as ultra-compact photoelectric sensor EX-20 series so that the time taken in designing is saved.

Panasonic HG-C Laser Distance Sensors Distributors

Panasonic HG-C CMOS type micro laser distance sensor not only indicates measured values in mm but also produces analog voltage outputs. Various calculations and storage (logging) can be performed when output is taken into a PLC + analog unit. In general, more accurate and stable measurements can be obtained by increasing the optical path length between the light-receiving part and the light receiving element (CMOS), but this also increases the sensor depth and the sensor body gets bigger. The HG-C series sensors incorporating a new optical system with a built-in mirror provides smaller sensor depth as well as higher measurement accuracy equivalent to displacement sensors. A light-weight but strong die-cast aluminum casing has been adopted. A compact, solid body casing reduces the impact of strain and heat on the measurement accuracy.

Panasonic LS-400 Laser Sensors Distributors

Panasonic CC-Link communication is possible through the connection to SC-GU2-C. By having the configurations saved as "Configuration file" before equipment shipment, later on when it comes to exchanging the sensors, the configurations can be simply written in through CC-Link. When connecting with digital fiber sensors FX-301/305 or digital pressure sensors DPS-401/402, batch data communication can be carried out. The connections and man-hours for the relay terminal setup can be reduced and valuable space is saved. Also, LS-400 series sensors can be connected side-byside, up to 16 units, with a connector type of FX-500 series, FX-300 series digital fiber sensors and DPS-400 series digital pressure sensors. When sensing at close range or when the target objects are transparent or minute, adjust the sensor receiving sensitivity to one of 3 levels (U-LG mode: 4 levels) for the optimal setting. In addition, changing the receiving sensitivity will not effect the response time. The LS-401-C2 cable-type amplifier is equipped with an external input wire (5-core). It is ideal to use the laser sensor at places where external teaching or laser light emission halting is to be carried out, or at places where the laser sensor is to be used separately.

Panasonic LS-500 Laser Sensors Distributors

Panasonic thru-beam type LS-H102 features the same form as the EX-L200 amplifier built-in ultra-compact laser sensor. And it can be used as an EX-L200 with a digital indicator. Panasonic LS-500 smallest amplifier-separated type digital laser sensor is smaller in every dimension at just W8 × H23 × D18 mm W0.315 × H0.906 × D0.709 in (excluding indicators). By using a laser which goes straight in a coaxial design, the LS-H201 is able to detect stably in confined spaces and simple installation can be achieved. The LS-H201’s operation indicator is visible from all directions. The LS-H201 produces a spot of ø2 mm ø0.079 in at a sensing range of up to 300 mm 11.811 in (amplifier response time is set to STD mode). The LS-500 series features the same operation, menu displays, and shape. The thru-beam type LS-H102 features the same form as the EX-L200 amplifier built-in ultra-compact laser sensor. And it can be used as an EX-L200 with a digital indicator.