The "RUN mode" is for threshold value setting, zero point adjustment and key lock setting / release setting, and the "detailed setting mode" allows for basic settings for Panasonic DP-0 sensor operation. The two-level setting mode configuration enables easy and immediate use of the product. The unit body is completely black to make the LCD display easier to see. The buttons offer firm and crisp clicking feel for smooth and reliable setting operations. The LCD offers a wide viewing angle so the display is easy to see even from an oblique angle. The alphanumeric display (12-segment display), key lock mark and OVER mark further enhance the recognition of display. The display color can be selected from red or white in accordance with the output operation. Since the detailed setting mode display is pink (unchangeable), the pressure sensor status can be easily recognized by color. The unit body measures only 24.9 mm 0.980 in in depth to allow installation in a narrow space. The main unit weighs only about 25 g. The lightweight unit means minimal load when mounted on a moving part such as a robot arm.