Controller Hardware

The only way to ensure seamless coordination of complex motion sequences, multiple axes, and different drives is through the use of integrated control technology. The control cards from SEW Eurodrive controller hardware portfolio are tailored to meet these precise requirements. We have the right design for each application - from switch cabinet controllers to decentralized solutions with integrated inverters.

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Control Cabinet

The controller hardware is suited in cases where different drives and motion sequences need to be precisely coordinated within a system. It relieves the central programmable logic controller (PLC) and reduces response times. As an operator of complex systems, you need to ensure that different motion sequences, multiple axes, and various drives are precisely coordinated with one another The efficiency of your production depends on this. In order to ensure this required intelligent coordination, you also need both intelligent and reliable control technology. The control cards from SEW Eurodrive controller hardware portfolio have been precisely tailored to meet this requirement. Control cabinet installation units are used wherever users are required to implement centrally processed applications. Thanks to their simple operation and multitude of ready-to-use function modules, they ensure the efficient implementation of motion functions. Their real potential comes to the fore when movements are permitted across multiple axes and need to be coordinated precisely. If the different motion axes within a system are connected via a rapid, synchronous system bus, our recommendation would be to control all motion control tasks via a single controller. Our control technology is ideally equipped for this too. Depending on the performance class, our controllers can handle up to 64 axes using an SBus or SBUSPLUS (system bus with onboard EtherCAT interface). The integrated system bus also allows connection to any of the inverter types in our portfolio. You can also benefit from the outstanding performance features of our control technology and implement functional and cost-efficient automation for your systems and machines.

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The controller for decentralized technology comes into play wherever intelligent motion functions are required in the field. This relieves the central programmable logic controller (PLC) and reduces response times. From basic motion control tasks with minimal response time requirements to complex systems with multiple axes and extremely tight sequencing, automation takes yet another step in the right direction. Operators of various systems and machines are looking for exceptionally intelligent, reliable technologies that allow for lean installations. The controller platforms from our controller hardware portfolio are also available in designs integrated in decentralized inverters and decentralized controllers. Because the extended MOVIFIT® drive inverter and MOVIPRO® application inverter is so easy to install in the field, you can design basic to complex conveyor systems in a way that is modular and therefore highly flexible.

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Whether it's an interface extensions or memory card, SEW Eurodrive portfolio of accessories and options for controller hardware offers just the extension you need. Do you want to install your controller in a control cabinet? Rather than integrating it into a drive electronics system? Do you require extended functionality? Or need to connect additional analog and digital interfaces? We have the right option and accessory extensions for you.