With SEW Eurodrive compact planetary servo gearmotors of the PS.F.. and PS.C..CMP.. series we offer you precision, optimum scalability and the right torques at all times. This allows complex production processes to be implemented. Rely on high power density, dynamics and precision right from the start when designing your systems. As the low backlash planetary servo gearmotors of the PS.F..CMP.. and PS.C.CMP.. series are characterized by tremendous efficiency and flexibility. The basis is formed by the compact combination of powerful planetary gear units and dynamic synchronous servomotors from the CMP.. series. Planetary servo gear units account for constantly low rotational clearances, high torsional rigidity and torque. The synchronous servomotors of the CMP.. series ensure precise control and high dynamics. This enables you, even with the highest cycle rate requirements, to optimally match different precision sequences to each other and achieve powerful performance. Thanks to their high degree of efficiency, their reliability and their durability, our planetary servo gearmotors offer you an economically sound solution from the modular system. With endless options and individual implementation possibilities: Always tailor-made, always perfectly and individually configured.