SEW Eurodrive precision servo gearmotors of the ZN.. series offer you a dynamic and highly flexible drive solution with overload capacity. Ideal for demanding applications such as gantry, rotary table or tie sheet inserter. Because these applications demand top performances in terms of torque, stiffness and precision. Extreme precision under high acceleration torques - those are the outstanding features of ZN.. series precision servo gearmotors. Their performance data makes them unique - whether you emphasize torque, stiffness or weight. The gearmotor is shipped with lubrication for life, ready for installation and available in twelve sizes. We especially emphasize the features of the precision servo gearmotor: It excels by mechanical clearance and its high torsional stiffness and pull-out rigidity as well as excellent overload capacity. This allows even demanding tasks such as exact positioning or fast movement of heavy loads to be performed with a high degree of repetitive accuracy.