Multi Axis Safety

SEW Eurodrive UCS50B and UCS51B logic modules reliably secure up to 12 axes in your system. The diverse axis monitoring functionalities allow even complex systems to be optimally configured and operated. Efficient safety precautions are particularly required to operate complex system architecture. The diverse range of drive components requires functional safety solutions that ensure optimal risk minimization. The multi-axis UCS50B and UCS51B logic modules provide precisely these solutions. Their comprehensive axis monitoring functionality is perfectly designed for the safety of up to 12 axis. They provide integrated logic processing and can easily be extended with additional input and output modules. The safety functions are based on the IEC 61800-5-2, STO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SSR, SSM, SLI, SCA and SLP provisions. Up to 150 safe digital inputs as well as up to 54 safe digital outputs ensure additional flexibility. The modules can also be connected to the machine control unit via PROFIBUS or PROFINET for diagnostic information. This ensures that you receive a modular safety system with operating safety that guarantees complete reliability.