Servo Drive

Your requirements: Precision and dynamics. SEW Eurodrive goal: to provide the ideal solution for you, your system or your machine. This is why you can rely on our modular servo and automation modular system. Perfectly combined, powerful individual components become precise, dynamic drive solutions.

SEW Eurodrive Explosion Proof Gear Units Distributors
Explosion Proof

You don’t have to sacrifice performance, torque or dynamics to work in potentially explosive atmospheres. At least, not if you’re using SEW Eurodrive explosion-proof gear units. We offer a broad range of ATEX-compliant solutions from our modular system. In the European Union, EC Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) (formerly Directive 94/9/EC) governs the use of drive technology in potentially explosive atmospheres. These include air/gas and air/dust mixtures. SEW Eurodrive explosion-proof gearmotors meet these requirements. You can use them safely across the globe. In compliance with the IEC/IECEx and HazLoc-Na® standards.

SEW Eurodrive Linear Motion Distributors
Linear Motion

SEW Eurodrive SL2 linear servomotors or CMS.. electric cylinders deliver the necessary linear motion in highly dynamic automation systems. What’s more, the SL2 series does not require mechanical transmission components and wearing parts. Thanks to the permanent magnet rotors, our electric cylinders feature a power increase that is five times faster than conventional pneumatic cylinders and the patented oil bath lubrication makes them maintenance-free. See for yourself!

SEW Eurodrive Control Cabinet Drives Distributors
Control Cabinet

From simple inverters, to standard or application inverters through to modular servo inverters: SEW Eurodrive offer a wide range of drive electronics for centralized installations. Simply install our drive or frequency inverters in the control cabinet or in the switch box on the mounting plate.

SEW Eurodrive Servo Gearmotors Distributors
Servo Gearmotors

Choose your drive from SEW Eurodrive range of powerful yet compact servo gearmotors. Special servo gear units combined with synchronous or asynchronous servomotors deliver precision, dynamics and torque. We’re sure to have the right version for your motion control application.

SEW Eurodrive Servo Gear Units Distributors
Servo Gear Units

SEW Eurodrive servo gear units stand for dynamics and precision. They feature a sturdy, warp-resistant design and a compact build. We offer low-backlash planetary servo and helical-bevel servo gear units that cover a torque range of 25 Nm to 3,000 Nm and can be used even in complex motion control applications.

SEW Eurodrive Servomotors Distributors
Modular Servo

SEW Eurodrive also provide a modular motor concept for dynamic and precise servo applications. Choose the best servomotor for your application from three synchronous and one asynchronous series: compact, low-inertia and powerful. Many engine sizes and lengths guarantee a wide range of applications and deliver reliable standstill torques.