High performance for demanding applications. SEW Eurodrive MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter is motion control at the highest level. MOVIAXIS®: the right choice for control quality within demanding applications involving several electrical axes. Are you looking for a highly dynamic servo drive solution which meets your requirements with asynchronous or synchronous servomotors? Then take closer look at the MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverters. Their versatility makes them so adaptable, from tiered motion control or simple positioning through to support of specific kinematics. MOVIAXIS® can be flexibly and individually configured for your application and in a way which allows optimal adaptation to the machine and system concepts. An axis system with MOVIAXIS® always consists of a power supply module and a variable number of axis modules. These also include optional modules such as master module, motion control or 24 V switched-mode power supply, which integrate perfectly within the servo solution both mechanically and electronically. Also available are a wide selection of communication and automation options as well as energy-efficient components such as the energy storage unit. And MOVIAXIS® of course supports all common encoder systems on the motor and track. MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter - solutions for the future: Maximum control quality in a compact design in the power range from 10 kW supply system and up to 187 kW peak power.