Parallel Shaft Helical

Thanks to their design, SEW Eurodrive explosion-proof F..CMP parallel-shaft helical servo gearmotors are remarkable in terms of saving space. They are also highly efficient, with dynamic servo characteristics. Optimum explosion protection with the outstanding features of a dynamic servo drive - is this even possible? Yes, it is. Our explosion-proof F..CMP.. parallel-shaft helical servo gearmotor with synchronous CMP motor is the solution you've been looking for. Due to its exceptional space-saving design and wide range of variants, it is particularly suitable for applications in materials handling technology and process engineering. As an explosion-proof parallel-shaft helical servo gearmotor that meets the requirements of ATEX equipment group II, it guarantees safety, performance, and high torques. The servo gearmotor has a compact design that makes optimal use of the available space. With our modular CMP motors, you can choose from six available sizes for custom-configured explosion-proof CMP servomotors. The tried-and-tested standard parallel-shaft helical gear unit from the F series is optimally designed to implement complex requirement profiles with precision. The parallel-shaft helical gear units are built to specifically reduce backlash and feature high torsional rigidity. Certification according to ATEX includes equipment group II and equipment category 3. The combinations are available in II3GD and II3D design.