Block I/O

TURCK panel or machine mounted I/O for placing control at the point of use, available in a wide range of industrial communication protocols. TURCK in-cabinet (IP20) block I/O is a cost-efficient networking solution that is used in an enclosure and designed to replace terminal blocks with intelligent I/O. TURCK in-cabinet block I/O modules accommodate applications with a wide range of analog, digital and specialty I/O, as well as I/O for safety systems. Modules are also ideal for applications when dealing with large batches of similar I/O signals. TURCK on-machine (IP67/69K) block I/O does not require an enclosure, allowing it to be mounted directly on the machine. Featuring a hardened and potted enclosure, TURCK on-machine block I/O modules are ideal for use in harsh applications, such as mobile equipment, automotive and food and beverage. Modules offer quick connection and are used as fixed I/O points, with the exception of the TURCK BL compact, which provides flexible modular I/O performance.

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